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Tips For Getting Children Back Into A School Routine


August, 2018

There are many things parents love about their children being out of school.  One of them is the lack of the morning grind to get out of the house in time for school. But like all good things; they must come to an end.  With school starting soon most parents are looking for a way to ease back into a school routine. Here are some tips that we have found helpful:

1. Get a handle on Bedtime:  Most children have been staying up well past their bedtimes. These few weeks before school starts try rebooting your child’s alarm to 15 minutes earlier every day to gradually wake them up at an earlier time.

2. Go back-to-school shopping together: Help your child to pick out clothes they will enjoy wearing when they return back to school.  Also purchasing their favorite character folders, backpack, or lunch bag could be just the thing that helps them to become excited about returning to school. Helping your children plan out their first weeks of clothes helps the morning rush to not be so hectic.

3. Getting Organized: It is really helpful to teach your children the importance of getting organized the night before.  This includes packing their lunch and organizing their backpack makes life easier so you won’t be searching for items in the morning.

These are just a few tips that we have found helpful!  What tips would you add to this list?  Leave your answers in the comments.

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